Vcdsdecoder allows you to decode the software coding of a vcds report. To do this you need to find the coding number on the report, this is usually indicated by "Coding: 0000000" an example of a report section would be:

Address 16: Steering wheel        Labels: 4F0-910-549.lbl
   Part No SW: 4F0 910 549 A    HW: 4F0 953 549 D
   Component: J0527               0530  
   Revision: 00H05000    Serial number: 90026102890173
   Coding: 0112142
   Shop #: WSC 02323 785 00200
   VCID: 275DC6459666ED190F5-8072

   Subsystem 1 - Part No: XXXXXXXXXXX 
   Component: E0221           H02 0100

No fault code found.


Highlighted in bold is the coding number that we use. Using this into the system with the correct model of car will return the current coding configuration and information relating to this.